Optimizations & A/B Testing Increased Conversions by 36% & Traffic by 9.5%

Manufacturer selling and servicing products worldwide increased their conversions by 36%, overall traffic by 9.5%, and organic traffic by 5.5% with optimization and A/B testing on their service website.

Client testimonial:

“The project has drastically helped our national website increase its SEO value over the last year. In fact, through these efforts and recommendations, our website in the US market has the strongest value in SEO when compared to other Brand markets across the globe!”

Business Challenge

As the official online content hub for product owners, the Client needed help finding new ways to position their website as the go-to service resource for their product owners.

With multiple long-standing brand-owned and competitor websites competing for traffic, the Client needed a way to encourage the product owners to seek out the website for relevant content rather than obtaining it elsewhere—all while ensuring they didn’t degrade the marketing efforts of individual local branches and steal traffic from their owned sites.


I set out to develop a strategy and recommended an overhaul of the website’s search engine optimization to amp up the national website’s SEO while ensuring we didn’t cannibalize the localized SEO value of the local branches’ websites.

In an in-depth website audit, I analyzed the site’s technical aspects, structure, content, user engagement, and competitive landscape, and identified opportunities for improvement. With a heavy focus on making the most impactful updates first, we rolled out a 12-month SEO plan, continuously monitoring the impact of changes on conversions and KPIs and pivoting strategies as needed along the way. Ongoing updates and tactics included in-depth search-trends research and analysis, and collaboration with various teams for creative content development, technical improvements, and regular A\B testing.


Within the first 6 months we already received tremendous results. In addition to improving most site performance metrics, the site has also achieved the highest ranking SEO score of all Client websites globally.

36% growth in conversions and 9.5% traffic increase SEO strategy results.

  • 36% Growth in conversions
  • 22% Growth in conversions from organic traffic
  • 9.5% Increase in overall traffic
  • 5.5% Increase in organic traffic
  • This site is now used as a model for Client sites globally

SEO strategy implementation results on engagement and conversions.

My Role

Audit, analysis, research, strategy, tactics, implementation collaboration and followthrough, monitoring and reporting.